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Craig Steven Wright (aka CSW) is a controversial figure trying and failing over the years to convince the Bitcoin community that he is the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Rather than providing undeniable cryptographic proof by signing a message with keys known to belong to Satoshi, Wright has been forging evidence, submitting fake documents to courts, and filing lawsuits against vocal opponents.

Craig Wright is a cheerleader of BSV (“Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision”, a Bitcoin fork with extremely big blocks) promoting the narrative that it is one true Bitcoin.


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Wright takes legal action against @hodlonaut demanding apology for being called a fraud. BitcoinMagazine


Wright’s lawyers sent an intimidating letter to Bitcoin Core developers, which also claims that he owns an address known to belong to the MtGox exchange hacker, as confirmed by Mark Karpeles. Coinfomania

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