General approach

  • If your article needs an introduction for context, avoid the general “knowledge base” approach. We are Rektapedia, not Wikipedia!
  • Avoid wordy and biased descriptions. We want this resource to be as succinct and objective as possible, minimizing the chances of being dismissed as another maximalist outfit. We should let facts speak for themselves.

Article body

We compile a log of actions, so any article should preferably consist of more or less homogenous items like this:

The date should have YYYY-MM-DD format and H6 HTML heading tag. This is important because it creates an automatic anchor link so any such item in the article can be linked by the date.

Example: Claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and presented forged evidence

Link to the document or an article supporting our claim

Screenshots, pictures, files supporting our claim, as necessary

Stick to stating verified facts and support them by provided evidence.

Example: Craig Wright


It’s good when related articles interlink within the content body. For example, if you are writing about Roger Ver, it’s a good idea to link to the Rektapedia article about when you first mention it. It creates a convenient flow and less work for readers.


  • It’s always a good idea to solicit feedback from fellow editors in the Rektapedia Telegram group.
  • It’s also critical to respond to the feedback from the readers.

When you get your contributor profile set up, you will be asked for your Twitter account. Every article you write will have the timestamp of the last edition and your Twitter profile link for feedback. By becoming a Rektapedia editor, you agree to accept feedback from readers, and correct/append your articles as necessary.

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